A before and after you have to see to believe for this Northcote home.


Northcote Before Rose Renovations 8
Northcote Before Rose Renovations 6
Northcote Before Rose Renovations 4

The process

This space was well overdue for a refresh, and we we’re thrilled to be chosen to support this Northcote family in bringing their renovation dreams to life. 

We started off by consulting with the family on how each space is used, and their overall goals for any changes. 

The family wanted to update their older fixtures to reflect their tastes to incorporate clean, minimalist finishes, enhance their storage space and make the rooms feel more open. 

The renovated space provides ‘a space for everything’ to support the family with keeping the kitchen and laundry clutter-free. 


Northcote After Rose Renovations 2
Northcote After Rose Renovations 1
Northcote After Rose Renovations 6
Northcote After Rose Renovations 3